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Getting a tooth knocked out can be a scary and traumatic experience. Knowing what to do when this type of urgent situation happens can significantly impact the outcome. At Preston Commons Dental Care, we experience dental emergencies surrounding teeth being knocked out frequently and want to inform our patients what to do if this happens. Please come see us if you get a knocked-out tooth in Dallas, Texas, or any other surrounding area. 


What Qualifies as a  “Knocked out Tooth”? 

When you first hear the term “knocked-out tooth,” you picture the entire tooth and its root removed from the tooth socket due to some force. In dentistry, the word avulsed describes a tooth knocked out of its socket. Another option for a knocked-out tooth is if the crown portion of the tooth falls off. 


The treatment for an avulsed tooth is different from a broken tooth. When a tooth breaks at the root, it is nearly impossible to completely restore the natural tooth to its original state. But if a patient finds an avulsed tooth and seeks treatment quickly, there is a possibility of saving the natural tooth. Either way, we encourage you to seek treatment from our dental professional, Dr. Moseley, immediately.


Accidentally Knocked Out Your Tooth?

Below is a four-step process to follow to help you be prepared to act quickly on behalf of your tooth and oral health.  

1. Locate the Tooth

After ruling out other emergent injuries, your first step would be to locate the knocked-out tooth. If the tooth has been avulsed and found, it is possible for Dr. Moseley to re-implant it back into the socket. If not found, we will need to discuss other tooth restoration methods. 

2. Place in Solution 

Each tooth’s root has tiny ligament fibers surrounding it that connect to the jawbone. We cannot stress the importance of these ligament fibers enough. When locating the tooth, keep it moist and do not attempt to clean it in any way. To preserve it, place the tooth in a small cup or bag filled with milk or saliva. 

3. Call Dr. Moseley

Dr. Moseley is a highly-trained professional and can help patients in any dental emergency, including a knocked-out tooth. At this point, please give our dental office in Dallas, Texas, a call to get in touch with him. Please clearly explain what has happened, and we will get you in as soon as possible. Our dedicated team is here to help you reduce pain and restore your tooth as quickly as we can. 

4. Follow Post Restorative Instructions 

Following Dr. Moseley’s instructions after your tooth has been re-implanted is essential for your tooth to have a chance at staying healthy. Instructions may include modifying your at-home oral health routine and eating softer foods. 


Tooth Replacement Options 

Although our primary goal at Preston Commons Dental Care is to help you keep your natural tooth, we understand that that might not always happen due to certain factors. In the event of not keeping your natural tooth, we offer outstanding and beautiful tooth replacement options. 


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Whether you reside in Dallas, Texas, or just passing through, Preston Commons Dental Care is here and ready to help you. Dental emergencies such as a knocked out tooth are taken very seriously in our office, and we work extra hours to ensure we take care of your smile. 


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