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At Preston Commons Dental Care, we pride ourselves in making the extra effort to stay up to date on the latest dental practices and technologies. Not only do we have an iTero three-dimensional scanner that can take detailed images of your teeth, but we also have an intraoral camera.

What is an Intraoral Camera?shutterstock_1256922181

An intraoral camera is a new approach to taking a closer look at your teeth. In the past, dental professionals used mirrors to get a better look at all the nooks and crannies in your mouth, but now there’s a better way! Using an intraoral camera can give both you and your dentist a much closer and detailed look at the state of your oral health.

By being able to see these kinds of details, it can help to educate and motivate dental patients to invest the time necessary to improve or maintain their oral health. These cameras are high-quality machinery that have the appearance of a pen or wand. They aren’t very large and can, therefore, reach into all the corners of your mouth.

Using LED lights, the camera is able to light up the darker spaces in your mouth and produce a higher quality image. The imaging software is exceptional, with autofocus features, and a capture button that can quickly capture images for the dentist to use in creating a treatment plan for you. The images are easy for you, as a patient, to see the results so you can make better decisions in regards to the treatment being suggested.

Intraoral dental cameras are helping improve oral health all over the world! This user-friendly technology makes it better for both you as the patient as well as your dentist. This is a dental technology that really can benefit everyone.

If you have questions about the intraoral camera used at Preston Commons Dental Care in Dallas, Texas, give us a call and we can address any concerns you might have!