Orthodontic Procedures in Dallas



Conventional braces can call a lot of attention to your teeth. But with Invisalign aligners, moving your teeth can be very discreet, and almost invisible! Orthodontic treatment has never looked better. Invisalign technology in Dallas, Texas is the perfect option for those looking for the latest in smile alignment without the ugly metal!

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Vivera Retainers

If you are someone who has either experienced traditional braces, Invisalign, or any other form of clear aligners there is a chance if no retainer is worn, your teeth could start to shift. To help our patients’ teeth stay straight.

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Night Guards

The grinding of your teeth can cause some serious damage to the outer layer of your teeth causing them to become weak. One of the most common times that people grind their teeth is during their sleep when they aren’t aware of what they are doing. Night guards, which are made of a plastic rubbery material, when worn at night can protect your teeth from the after-effects of grinding. Guards protect your teeth to keep them healthy and strong.

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