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Do you ever find yourself feeling embarrassed about your teeth, gums, or overall appearance of your smile? Whether your smile has been affected by tooth decay, tooth loss, or tooth staining, cosmetic dentistry is there to help.

Tooth Decay

If you have tooth damage due to tooth decay, there are a few options that could be helpful. Dental fillings are perhaps the most common solution. The dentist will clean the affected area and then fill in the missing pieces with a strong and reliable material that will help restore the integrity and strength of your tooth.

The material you choose for your dental filling will depend on your dental goals. Some options are tooth-colored while others look more gold or silver. You get to make the decision of what kind of filling you want. They vary in price and appearance but all are a great and long-lasting option for your smile.

Dental veneers are another way to repair tooth decay and cover the damaged tooth. Veneers are very thin shells made of porcelain or composite materials and are placed directly onto your natural teeth. They are one of the fastest ways to transform your smile. Inlays and Onlays are another way to improve the look and function of a set of decaying teeth.

Tooth Loss

If you are missing one or more teeth, there are many ways to help fix the problem. A common solution is dental implants. These are false teeth that can be placed directly into your jaw bone, giving you both the look and the function of natural teeth. They also help prevent bone loss and facial sagging. To get dental implants it requires a short cosmetic dental procedure but the recovery time is relatively quick and you’ll be back to life as normal in no time at all!

Tooth Staining

If you’ve got discolored teeth, whitening is perhaps the most common solution. Staining and yellowing can be caused by poor oral hygiene, but teeth become yellow over time and are actually very common for most people. Cosmetic dentists can whiten your teeth up to the gum line at the dental office or they can provide you with a kit that you do at home. Teeth whitening can give you a natural tooth color that will look bright and beautiful. This is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to a smile makeover, as long as you don’t have damaged, missing or decaying teeth.

If you are looking to transform the way you look, give Preston Commons Dental Care a call today and see how they can help improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Dallas, TX!

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