sealants preston commons dental care dentist in dallas, tx Dr. Justin Moseley of Preston Commons Dental Care encourages each of his patients to do all they can to prevent tooth decay. Preventing decay is simple and easy by following the guidelines in our office. The most common forms of preventative dentistry are at-home oral hygiene which includes brushing and flossing twice a day and routine, in-office, deep cleanings. Our Dallas, Texas, office offers additional preventative services such as dental sealants. 


What is a dental sealant? 


Sealants are tooth coatings made out of a thin plastic resin put into each nook and cranny of your chewing teeth. Sealants were created to help patients prevent or limit plaque and food particles from getting stuck in the tooth, which causes decay. 


The plastic resin that makes up a sealant is entirely safe and won’t cause any harm to the tooth or the patient. 


How is the sealant placed? 


A sealant is similar to a small plastic filling, but please tell your youngster that it does not “count” as a cavity filling. Because tooth enamel is devoid of nerves, applying a sealant is painless and does not necessitate numbing agents. First, we’ll inspect the tooth or teeth that will be sealed, and any minor decay will be gently removed. After that, the tooth will be cleaned and dried. Then, to help the sealing substance adhere better, we’ll apply a solution that will slightly roughen or “etch” the surface. After that, the tooth is cleaned and dried one more. The sealant is then applied as a liquid to the tooth and hardens in approximately a minute with the use of a curing light. 


Who can get a sealant? 


The most common type of patient for which sealants are placed is children, right after each molar eruption. Children tend to have a difficult time cleaning the chewing surfaces of their teeth properly. It is recommended that directly after each molar erupts, a sealant should be placed at their next dental appointment. 


Although it is most common and recommended for children to obtain sealants, we also encourage adults to get them if they don’t have them already. No matter your age, sealants will help prevent decay. 


How long do sealants last? 


After the sealant has been appropriately placed, its lifespan can range from 7-10 years. Keeping up with your regular hygiene routine is essential to keep sealants clean. If you grind your teeth, your sealants might not last as long as ten years. 


Sealants can be replaced very easily in our Dallas, Texas office. If you don’t see your sealant on your tooth anymore, please let us know that you would like it replaced at your next appointment. 


Why do my child and I need sealants? 


By utilizing sealants to prevent dental damage and decay, you save yourself time and money by minimizing your risk of more extensive dental work. At Preston Commons Dental Care, one of our goals is to help each patient keep their natural teeth as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Our natural teeth are made to last us our lifetime, but only if we do all that we can to protect them. 


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