dental veneerNot only does our practice, Preston Commons Dental Care, specialize in restorative dental care, we also specialize in some cosmetic dental procedures. If you don’t like the color, the shape, or the look of your teeth, there are options available to you to create a smile that you love. One of our most popular cosmetic procedures is dental veneers.


What is a Veneer?

One of the reasons the dental veneer is so popular is because it is a quick way to increase the overall appearance of your teeth without going through an extensive process.
The dental veneer is a small thin cap that is sealed onto the front part of the tooth. This cap can vary in size and color making it so that you can close gaps within your teeth and whiten your teeth at one time!


Veneer Process

After deciding with the dentist that veneers are the best option for you, there are a few steps on the way to getting your perfect smile!

1. First, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth to make a 3D mold that is used to make the custom veneers
2. Veneers are sent to be made in the dental lab
3. Once veneers are finished, the outer part of the teeth are filed down, by the dentist, to secure the veneers on top
4. Veneers are permanently placed and secured creating the smile you’ve always wanted


Benefits of Veneers

  • Veneers are a permanent and safe way to keep a filled and white smile
  • Best way to change the shape and the color of your teeth in a small amount of time
  • Covers cosmetic flaws that are on the teeth
  • Very natural looking and are completely custom to your mouth
  • Resistant to obtaining stains


Preston Commons Dental Care in Dallas, Texas is here to help you reach your perfect smile. We are dedicated to giving you safe and efficient ways to improve the appearance of your smile. Having a smile that you love will boost your confidence in your everyday life! Please give us a call or come visit us if you would like to explore the great option of dental veneers!