Preston Commons Dental Care

Finding a dentist you trust is crucial when you’re working on your oral health, and we understand how daunting this process can be.

Dr. Moseley has a wealth of experience in the field of dentistry, and currently serves families in Dallas, Texas. This industry expertise has enabled Preston Commons Dental Care to improve the services we offer in a huge variety of different areas, from keeping children comfortable and calm throughout procedures, to providing the very latest treatments on the market.

Alongside standard and emergency treatments, Dr. Moseley can also offer more advanced options, with cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and Invisalign available at the practice. This makes it possible for Preston Commons Dental Care to help with any mouth problem, even if it isn’t directly tied to your health.

Having worked with patients in the Dallas, Texas area for so long, Dr. Moseley has been able to have a positive impact on a lot of people’s lives. You don’t have to take our word for it, though; there are plenty of testimonials across the site that show how happy his patients are with his work. It’s always a comfort knowing that your dentist is not only an expert, but also a well-liked and highly valued member of the community.


Dallas, Texas

There are approximately 1.34 million people living in Dallas, Texas. This makes up for around 42.9 million teeth, and that’s a lot of gnashers to keep in tip top condition.

Sitting just North of Dallas’ busy center, Preston Commons Dental Care is in an ideal position for a large portion of the population. Whether you’re from Bluffview, Greenway Parks, or anywhere in this beautiful city, you can enjoy easy access to our practice, and we’re always happy to welcome local people through our doors.

Preston Commons Dental Care is situated at 8117 Preston Road, sandwiched between North and Northwest Dallas. This makes it easy to find us, and you can easily get to our practice from the North Tollway or Northwest Highway, giving anyone in Dallas the chance to use Dr. Moseley’s services.

While he started his education outside of Dallas, Texas, Dr. Moseley studied at Baylor College of Dentistry, sitting in the heart of Dallas. This has given him a unique insight into the needs of the local people, while also building a deep connection between Preston Commons Dental Care and the community.

We’re proud to be members of the Dallas County Dental Society, a group set up to ensure that practices provide the very best treatments to their clients. Along with this, though, we’ve also had the chance to work with a lot of people across the city, and you can find testimonials regarding their experiences across the internet. A lot of Dallas’ population has already given Preston Commons Dental Care a try, and we’ve yet to find anyone who is unhappy with the services we offer. Of course, though, you don’t have to take our word for it.