dental implant restoration illustration Preston Commons Dental Care offers many different procedures to help restore the appearance of your teeth. If you have lost or are about to lose a tooth due to infection or it was knocked out, the best solution for you would be the dental implant restoration procedure, that fills the gap in your smile with a fake tooth.


Dental Implant

The dental implant itself is made up of two different pieces; the placement of the metal stud that holds the tooth, and the placement of the porcelain tooth. Having an implant helps the health of the jaw bone and keeps other surrounding teeth healthy. If you are missing two or more teeth in a row, other options could be better than an implant.


Implant Process

The first step of the implant process would be to remove the decaying tooth if it hasn’t already been removed, this would most likely be done by extraction.
Surgically a metal post is placed into your jaw bone that holds the artificial tooth in place. Not only does it hold the tooth in your mouth, but it also keeps the jaw bone healthy by making sure it gets stimulated, through chewing.
The artificial tooth is then made to fit the exact color and mold of your original teeth. Our top priority is to make sure that your new tooth is as strong and as identical to the others.
The last step in the implant process is placing the artificial tooth onto the surgically implanted metal post also referred to as the “root”.


Benefits of an Implant

Other than the obvious benefit of an implant is having a beautiful tooth replace the gap in your smile, there are other big benefits such as;
Having a missing tooth can create problems for surrounding gums and the jaw bone
Implants are artificial teeth, meaning that once they are placed, they can’t develop cavities
Implants are permanent, once placed, there is no need for any other work or appointments needed for that tooth.


If you are in the Dallas, Texas area and have a gap in your smile that you would like to fill, please come in and see us! Our staff here at Preston Commons Dental Care is here to help you make your smile bigger than ever!